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26 Mar 2014
Actor brian gaskill to create indie film Actor brian gaskill to create indie film Talking to brian is always a pleasure.He is often rather down to earth, very modest and also sweet.I spoke to him week about his kickstarter project to raise funds for his short indie film.When we said it, he was hoping for kickstarter to approve his project.It was approved yesterday and within just 24 hours, brian is 3/4 of proven methods to his goal.The policy with kickstarter is you must reach your goal or you get no funding.At that time of this publishing, you will discover in the first photo of the slideshow where brian was at with his kickstarter being just 1 day old. More snap shots I told brian that i considered that he would need much more than $2, 000 to finance his short film and he agreed that more was/is needed but that he wanted the goal to be a number he hoped would not be too high so that he couldn't reach his goal. He showed me that with more money he could hire more help, use better equipment and make it superior.We spoke at great length and for you personally brian had to say in his own words: Q so i am aware of you wrote the script for this short independent film you are creating. A yes i did so.I wrote it and shared it with a few people and two weeks later i took it to a work shop/film collective that i go to that i am a part of called we make movies.We meet every wednesday night.We took a few weeks off but mostly we meet almost every wednesday and every other wednesday we do people's readings of stuff that people have written.I had my piece read and that night a lot of my close friends that i have made there came up to me and said let's do this, let's get this.You grasp we can do this.This may be cool.From there we just started moving along and then i just had to decide whether i would definitely just do it old school and raise the money on my own or enter into the land of kickstarter. Q why did you do a kickstarter? A i have seen many producers and musical performers use the kickstarter tool to share the expertise of producing their project with their friends, as well as family fans.I can't buy to finance this all by myself so i thought why not give this a try.I also saw that there was a lot of interest in me getting back out there and acting again via my facebook page and my wonderful friends on there so i thought frequently.A good way for me to get back out there as well.All the people that know my work from my daytime drama acting wish to me to get back out there.This is me ok work. Q i really want you to know that they(Facebook game fans)Genuinely want to see you back in the news. A absolutely and i genuinely wants to be there. Q you realise i said to myself, do i ask him about general the healthcare facility?They put in the story plot about rafe jr, and most companies out there were his sort of dad, would you think about being on general hospital? (Photos of rafe rafe jr, during slideshow). A i got to satisfy the actor playing my sort of son rafe jr, just. The right, we got to meet and he came down to kind. Q well all the fans of general hospital and port charles want to see you on general hospital in some kind of storyline. A it is complementing.If gh came to me and said they want me to come and do this for a little while that will be something that i would talk to them about for sure.I do not control over that though.It's a lot as gh. A exactly so in retrospect kickstarter makes sense.You can give your fan base what they need and they get Pandora Rings UK to be part of the whole process. Q so assembling your shed is what kind of film? A it is known as short.I can't say too much about it as it's a short and if i talk about it, i will give the plot away but what i am so enthusiastic about is that i am working with an actress that i went to school with at suny purchase.That was my acting sunroom, my education.We graduated together and we've known various other for twenty five years.I've come across her off and on throughout that time.It's cool to me to be working with her and we always thought that we would be doing some come together as purchase graduates.They call it buying mafia.We thought we were all to be working together and making stuff together but life happens and we all go our separate ways.To me a lot of stuff in my life is kind of getting back to who i was and getting back to basics and the idea of working with her and the characters having known each other even longer because the characters have known each other ever from when they were seven make it even more special.It is amazing once you have the situation where you get to work with somebody whom you have actually known for twenty five years. Q you sound so anxious about this project.It is great deals catching. A this works as a short film and i love it as a short film but once it's done the idea is that actually the first opening scene can become the opening scene to a feature film. A i would use this to sort of pitch the idea further to let it grow following that.It comes down to people from their late thirties to forties who are kind of just finally sort of saying what is on their mind.


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