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24 Mar 2014
Reduce pay of west cape may borough commission are certified Reduce pay of west Pandora Dangles Charms cape may borough commission are certified The issues voters will decide are whether to increase what number of members on borough commission from three to five and whether to cut members' salaries by as much as two thirds.The question would ask voters if they want a $6, 000 a year salary for those on a three member amount or $5, 000 for those on a five member fees. In the, two on the commissioners make $11, 000, moreover kaithern, the longest helping member, has created $16, 000. "Is bigger big brother better state?At a period when our country is asking for less government, why would a capital of scotland-1, 000 residents need more state and federal regime, She wondered. She also asked whether two more fees members will add the diversity the petitioners seek on the governing body.Kim rowley, among the many five petitioners and a spokesman for the group, said the three commissioners generally agree on the whole thing and more diversity is needed. Kaithern asked whether a larger commission may lead to having to hire the website owner, something the borough has had time to avoid by staying small.She also wondered whether the reduction in salary will be short lived and the larger five member commission could end up raises and burden the borough with higher salaries. "There's a lot the website of more questions to be asked, but you get the drift.Let's capitalize on this opportunity to discuss, as a residential district, where west cape may is driving, kaithern acknowledged. Rowley said the petition committee is anticipating the debate. "They wait for a thoughtful discussion of the merits of their reform proposal, intended to foster and promote a municipal government free of the hazard that the self interest of individual commissioner's compensation would trump the community's welfare, he explained. Borough commission's next step is to approve a solution, with proper wording for both thoughts, for the cape may county clerk's office to put on the late ballot.Borough solicitor frank corrado said concerns will be binding and subject to a simple majority vote. The next election is cycle of for may 2013, with all three seats shared.Voters could have to decide five seats associated with three.The commission also has the option to postpone the election until november 2013. With only four candidates running for the three seats within the last few election, some wonder whether there will even be enough candidates for a bigger commission.Kaithern said a person getting a write in vote could have elected.Rowley said the petitioners are expectant that"Persons who love their discussion board"Will step of progress. Kaithern said small towns with commission forms of government generally have only three associates.Those are cities of 15, 000 citizens or fewer.The towns with five members have a culture range of 12, 500 so that you can 58, 000.She noted that with just 1, 000 inhabitants, the advance would result in one elected official for every 200 residents. "Does a bigger executive make it better?Does it you should definitely have diversity?What if you have see results about pandora charms five people going in a variety of directions, she posed. This borough, kaithern asserted, are fis simplycally sound.It is below the state budget caps, meets its incredibly within your means housing goals, has the next to the highest ratable growth in the county behind avalon, shows good organization growth and"Has money in the bank account"From manage of a liquor license.


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